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Harris Dermatology is a BBB Accredited Dermatologist in Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers Dermatologists at Harris Dermatology | Brian Harris MD and Keith Harris MD

Fort Myers Dermatology: Keith Harris MD, Brian Harris MD,  9090 Park Royal Dr,  Fort Myers, FL 33908

The Fort Myers Dermatologists at Harris Dermatology Specialize in Skin Cancer Prevention, Detection and Treatment

For the time it took for you to search the web for Fort Myers Dermatology, you could have checked your skin for skin cancer. We ask that you take the time to check your skin daily by following a simple process of conducting a self examination. Being aware of any suspicious spot could be the key to catching skin cancer early, before a cancerous lesion has the opportunity to spread throughout your body. The dermatologists at Harris Dermatology promote early detection as a big part of their mission. Harris Dermatology offers free screening at senior expo’s and health fairs and they promote early detection on TV spots that run in Fort Myers and Naples. The entire staff at Harris Dermatology truly care about your health and they go out of their way to get their message of early detection heard.

Follow this link to the National Cancer Association on how to do a self exam.


What is Fort Myers Dermatology?


Ft Myers Dermatology, Fort Myers Dermatology, Harris DermatologyAccording to Wikipedia, Dermatology is a doctor who specializes in the skin. The human skin is the largest organ in the human body. Pathology of the skin is also a part of dermatology. A pathologist will examine cultures and determine if the culture is cancerous, non cancerous or something else. Dermatologist and Pathologists both can qualify as dermatopathologists. At the completion of a standard residency in dermatology, many dermatologists are also competent at dermatopathology. Some dermatopathologists qualify to sit for their examinations by completing a residency in dermatology and one in pathology. At  Fort Myers Dermatologisty we treat basal cancer, cancerous moles, melanoma, and squamous cells.

Source: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fort Myers Dermatology Skin Fact:

Your skin represents about 15% of your entire body weight.


What Is Mohs Surgery?

The Mohs surgical technique was developed in the 1930s by Dr. Frederic Mohs, a dermatologist at the University of Wisconsin and Dr. Brian Harris was one of the first Fort Myers dermatologists to operate as a Mohs surgeon. Click here if you would like to learn more about the Mohs technique.


The Mohs procedure is a pathology sectioning method that allows for the complete examination of the surgical margin. It is different from the standard bread loafing technique of sectioning where random samples of the surgical margin are examined. A small scalpel is utilized to cut around the visible tumor. A very small surgical margin is utilized, usually with 1 to 1.5 mm of “free margin” or uninvolved skin. The amount of free margin removed is much less than the usual 4 to 6 mm required for the standard excision of skin cancers. The cure rate with Mohs surgery, according to most studies, is between 97 percent and 99.8 percent for primary basal cell removal, which is the most common type of skin cancer.


Fort Myers Dermatologists are Mohs Specialists

Mohs surgery in Fort Myers, Florida is performed in four steps:

  1.  Surgical removal of tissue
  2. Mapping the piece of tissue, freezing and cutting the tissue between 5 and 10 micrometers using a cryostat, and staining the culture with blue dye
  3. Interpretation of microscope slides (pathology)
  4. Possible reconstruction of the surgical defect (reconstructive surgery)


This procedure is usually performed by one of our Fort Myers dermatology doctors and if cancer is found, Harris Dermatologists will remove the indicated cancerous tissue from the patient. The Mohs procedure is repeated until no further signs of cancer are detected. A Harris dermatologist will need to see patients that received Mohs treatment periodically to ensure that there are no other affected areas on the body.


Fort Myers Dermatology Specialists | Keith Harris, MD | Brian Harris, MD are experts in skin cancer treatment.

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At Harris Dermatology we are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Conveniently located in south Fort Myers. Click here for driving directions and a Google map. When searching the web for Fort Myers dermatologists, consider to specialists in Fort Myers dermatology | Keith Harris, MD | Brian Harris, MD; we will make every effort to give the best service and the most expert medical care. We truly hope to see you at Harris.


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